Virtual RowAround Scotland 2020

Welcome to the Virtual RAS! The routes of every day’s rowing will be displayed on the map below as they are “completed” and an entry will appear in the accordion panels on this page. Clicking on either the route or the entry will open the corresponding post in a new tab. Posts are created from material that the participating clubs and storytellers send us and should give you a feeling for the different legs. We hope you enjoy following our progress as we circumnavigate Scotland virtually!

RowAround Story
Official Start 25th March
Section 1 – 4th-11th April
Section 2 – 12th-18th April
Section 3 – 19th April-2nd May
Section 4 – 3rd-16th May
Section 5 – 17th May-13th June
Section 5a – 22nd May-1st August
Section 6 – 14th-27th June
Section 7 – 28th June-11th July
Section 8 – 12th-25th July
Section 9 – 26th July-8th August
Section 10 – 9th August-16th August
Section 11 – 17th August-29th August
Section 12 – 30th August-20th September
Section 13 – September
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