Girvan to Maidens – Section 2 | Day 4

The Carrick club, based at Maidens, has two skiffs, Patrick O’Rourke and Carrick Maid. The row back to base from Girvan is 7 miles.

This video clip shows some of the Carrick girls out, with Billy as cox, passing the Turnberry lighthouse en route to Maidens from Girvan, with Ailsa Craig in the background:


I think it’s fair to say that being out on the water is different things to different people. Some enjoy the exercise, some the fresh air and others the group or team activity. During the summer months we are always surprised to see a more competitive side to some previously ‘social’ rowers and this is great!! On a summer day when the sun is shining on the west coast waters we get that compulsion to be out on the sea. Seeing our beautiful coastline from a different viewpoint is a major plus point too. All in all, what’s not to like!!??

Carrick Maid
Launch day of Patrick O’Rourke, named after a club member
With Ailsa Craig on a perfect day

I first became involved with Carrick when I moved to the coast and found that looking onto the sea every day, I wanted to connect with it, and Coastal Rowing has become a much loved activity. Great fun, great friends, great adventures. We try to row all year round but obviously the suitable windows become smaller during winter months. Even in winter though, in slightly more tricky conditions there is a great feeling to be had from rowing. Personally, I enjoy rowing when it’s a bit more ‘bumpy’ but equally a Sunday morning row in the sun when the sea is like a mill pond is not to be missed!

A symphony of blues at dusk
The lights on the shore leading us home

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