Ballantrae to Turnberry via Ailsa Craig – Section 2 | Day 2

From Ballantrae, Renegade could row direct to Girvan on day 2 of Section 2. However, the opportunity may occur to take a diversion at this point and circumnavigate Ailsa Craig. This will only be considered if there are calm weather conditions – it would be a challenging row of 24 miles with a rowing time of 6 hours.

The course would head north west to Ailsa Craig and then north east to Turnberry lighthouse. This would miss out the town of Girvan and the village of Lendalfoot. There would be no get out point till we reach Maidens harbour.

Here is the log of a voyage which Renegade made earlier (2018).

Navajo set off from Lendalfoot. The original plan was to row up the coast to Maidens … Plans change; there had been a settled spell of weather and it was set to continue for a couple of more days. Ailsa Craig looked so very inviting. Geoff was cox at the start and set a course for Paddy’s Mile Stone, standing tall in the middle of the Firth of Clyde. It was 20 minutes into the row before the rest of the crew knew where we were heading!

Every 30 minutes we had a wee break and changed around. Two hours later, we were landing on Ailsa Craig, a row of 9 miles. A bite to eat, a walk round and a half hour rest and we were on our way back. A great day was had by all. Once we get this virus behind us, Renegade will be out there again with both Navajo and Aropaho!


A Post-it Note Adventure
By Jan Bee Brown, storyteller-in-residence
post it island
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