Collieston – Section 9 | Day 4

Weather: variable, calming as the day progresses and finishing with drifting haar.

Collieston is now a village of commuters and holiday homes. Among our notable holidaymakers have been Lawrence of Arabia and the actor, Richard E Grant, whose family have a cottage here. Collieston is also a party village and, as we have a day off, we decide to use the Redsocks (and a canoe) to nip up to our local brewery for a carry out.

The Beer Cruise of the Admiral Redsocks

Collieston Offshore Rowing Club (CORC)

So called because the instigators of our first build worked in the offshore oil industry (and, of course it made a good acronym). Our first skiff was launched six years ago. Despite predictions that interest would die out after the build was complete, the club has had an active core of about 30 regular rowers ever since. Our members are aged from 70 down and range from a pilot cutter skipper to someone who gets sea-sick in a flat calm. The one common factor is that we want to enjoy ourselves.
As well as both competing and social rowing, club members get involved in charity events and the odd long distance row.
Last year we launched our second boat.

The Boats
Admiral Redsocks

Our first build, a real learning experience for those involved, is named in memory of a Collieston resident. Rear Admiral G. S. Ritchie, Steve to his friends, was head of the Royal Navy Hydrography section and was instrumental in the metrification of the British naval charts. He was also the person who discovered and first measured the depth of the deepest point of the earths oceans, the Challenger Deep. Steve also habitually wore red socks.

Collies Cath

Launched last year, the build of our second skiff was instigated by two club members, both called Cath. Sadly, Cath Anderson died on the day of the launch. However, she did get a trip on board Collies Cath as we used it to transport her coffin to the crematorium. As far as we know, Collies Cath is the first and only St Ayles Skiff to have done service as a hearse.

What CORC think about rowing

Club Captain: I first saw skiffs at Portsoy and thought ‘We have to have one of those’ C
Lead builder for Collies Cath: I don’t know why I wanted to build a skiff, I get seasick looking at a bucket of water!
Member of ladies 30+ crew at Skiffie Worlds: Win races? I’m here for the gin and the cakes
Head Cox: What do I love about rowing? It allows me to shout abuse at my wife; and get off with it…

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