RowAround Scotland 2021 – Latest Update

RowAround Scotland 2021 is a blended, re-imagined circumnavigation. As rowing in skiffs may only resume in Scotland on the indicative date of 17 May, the RowAround Scotland route will commence at Section 5, in Ardnamurchan, in June. Section 6, the North Coast, will not now take place in its entirety, with the exception of the Orkney passage.

Clubs in other sections will now join in as and when they are able, as many have had no sea-time for over a year. Each club will be invited to undertake a citizen science microplastics project in their own home waters. Many of the regattas and events associated with RAS have been postponed yet again, because of the uncertainties of changing Covid regulations and restrictions.

The circumnavigation track on the map may eventually be a continuous line at the end of the year, but will not happen in the correct sequence.

It is such a shame, after so much planning had gone into this venture for 2020. However, we are all desperate to get back onto the water and to meet up with the skiffie community once again.

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